Andy Pandy?


I absolutely love this jumpsuit!  It’s the pattern from Marilla Walker’s Roberts Collection.  The pattern collection is really great as it contains a dress (2 length options), Jumpsuit, Dungarees and top all for the price of one pattern – I bought the printed paper pattern and it was £8.40 on Etsy – bargain!  I will definitely be making the dungarees and dress, in fact I have just bought some Hugo Boss remnant linen on ebay to make the dress version!


Anyway, back to the jumpsuit.  (My son cut my head off!)  I used a lovely soft, light weight denim that I bought in Salisbury a month ago.  The sizing had me at a size 5 bust and size 4 waist and hip, as the pattern is designed to be slightly over-sized, I graded down to the size 4 at the waist and hip as I didn’t want it to be massively big.  It is a great fit and really comfortable and it has pockets – love POCKETS!!


I love the back view, I think that fact that the waist band doesn’t go round the back makes it much more flattering and I’m really pleased that my inverted V at the back meets almost perfectly!



It’s the first time I have done flat felled seams and I did that on ALL the freaking seams!!  It was worth it though as the top stitching sits better and has less bulk.  I love the buttons too …


The length is quite long but it means the hem can roll three times which allows the hem edge to be unseen – fussy I know but I like that detail!


I have worn this out to three different occasions since making it and have received lots of compliments so I think that makes it a winner!  I am wearing it now in our Spring weather with a long sleeved t-shirt and I will wear it through the summer without which makes it very practical.  It is my best make yet and I am so pleased with it – Marilla Walker is a great pattern designer!

P.S These opinions are my own and I have no affiliation with Marilla Walker, I just think she’s fab!


14 thoughts on “Andy Pandy?

    1. I look at the body type of the designer sometimes to see if their shape is similar to mine, I know that makes me sound weird but I’m sure other sewers do that too! I’m working on Ginger jeans at the moment because they have a curvy bum model! I love your blog by the way although I tend not to be a commenter, maybe I should start, you spoolettes meet up looked fab!

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      1. I printed off the ginger pattern, ages ago, but not gotten round to it. How’s it going? Did you buy the ebook guide to help you? I love seeing all the versions out there and really should get on with them myself. The spoolettes day was fab – such a lovely bunch of down to earth ladies, and once we’d all gotten over the few nerves or meeting total-ish strangers it was great! Glad you’re enjoying my blog! 😀


      2. It’s going slowly! I’ve done the pocket linings and top stitching but I then made a quick top! I’ve made the pull-on Misty jeans but that’s much simpler than “proper” jeans. it’s the fit that’s worrying me, I’ll use your tip to baste and try on before doing final seams. I would love to try and do a sewing meet up, I used to live in Newcastle so would have come then! I saw Hila has made a lovely dress with the fabric she got at the meet up. Next week I’m off work and the kids are at school for 3 days so I’m going to crack on with my jeans then!

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      3. I’m just going back and reading your past posts (making most of a quiet start to the day at work) and have got to your first misty jeans. They’re a fab pattern aren’t they!? I really love mine, just wish I’d made them in a plainer fabric. I wonder how the pattern pieces compare to the ginger pieces – I might have a look when I get round to making mine. Enjoy your 3 days – hope they don’t go too fast and you get your jeans finished. 😀


  1. This jumpsuit is fabulous and a great fit. I have made Marilla’s dungaree dress. Next will be the dungarees. Will you make another garment from this collection?


    1. Thanks. Am making the linen dress although I bought it for the dungarees but it’s too see through. I will line the dress. Have also bought some soft rayon to make another jumpsuit. Hope your dungarees turn out well!


  2. Hello—these look super cute on you! May I ask how tall you are? I’m thinking of making the jumpsuit but wasn’t sure if I’d need to lengthen.


    1. Hi, I’m 5’7″ and the hem rolls 3 times which I like as it is weighty enough to keep them in place. I made another one with tye dye rayon and I didn’t want a turn up so took 2″ off the length and they’re perfect. They are quite long in the crotch length so I took an inch out of that on my second pair. I would measure the front crotch length against yourself before cutting remembering that it needs to be longer than in trousers as when you sit it pulls from the shoulders instead of the waist! Hope all that helps, good luck


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