Hello, I’m Alison, from North London, and I have a passion for making my own clothes.  I have only been sewing since 2013, apart from learning the basics at school, but became interested in handmade garments through a friend who caught the bug and passed it on!  I try to limit my fabric purchases but am building up quite a stash – impossible not to really!  I did a short tailoring course at the London College of Fashion and another short course at Morley College.  Other than that, I am mostly self-taught through watching youtube videos and have attended a few classes.  I have also been knitting for the last 10 years and have taken on the challenges of lace knitting, socks (never again!) and using circular needles (the best!).

I decided to start this blog to document and share my sewing adventures and to pass on any tips and to encourage others.  It is a bug that is definitely catching!  Often my evenings in front of the TV are spent with my ipad, looking at indie patterns of which I am a big fan.   I am by no means an expert but I learn something new with each project, I will be sharing my failures as well as my successes as that is all part of the learning curve! I would love to hear from you too, thanks for visiting!

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