Starting Again!

I’m not keen on New Year’s Resolutions generally but this year I have decided to make a few sewing/knitted related ones:

  1.   Only make things I am going to wear.
  2.    Use up fabric and yarn from the stash.
  3.    Try to blog regularly (technology permitting!)

With this in mind – last night I unraveled a sweater I made.  This is the pattern, which is lovely

pattern image

The trouble is I am not a willowy, waif-like woman and it made me look like a house end!  Nothing to do with the pattern, just the wrong style for me.  I had actually knitted the whole sweater and sewn it up!


I did enjoy the process as I quite like knitting lace patterns but the sleeve increases, whilst keeping the pattern correct, were a bit of a nightmare!

My youngest enjoyed helping me unravel …


The wool is Debbie Bliss Paloma yarn which is a chainette chunky weight, knitted on 10mm needles, but its very light to wear, it’s also quite expensive so I didn’t want to just let it sit in the drawer as an unworn garment.

cast on

This is what I have cast on.  It is a Debbie Bliss pattern that uses Como yarn, now discontinued, but the Paloma seems to be a good substitute.  I have actually made this pattern before, but knitted a size too big, then felted it to make it smaller but it came out child size!  So .. I put a zip in the front and my son used it as a winter jacket (he was 5 at the time!)

All in all, this is why I prefer sewing to knitting!  However, I think it is just a case of getting the size, choice of yarn and pattern style right and disciplining myself to knit a bit each evening when I’m at home so it doesn’t take a year to finish!  Hopefully this time around will be a success story!  We shall wait and see …


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