Why Bother Making Jogging Bottoms?!

Well, I’ll tell you!  Firstly, Happy New Year!!


As a curvy girl with a rounded bum I always need to buy the size to accommodate my arse.  This usually means that there is loads of spare fabric round my waist, which makes me look like I have a bigger tummy, especially with thicker sweatshirt fabric.

Making my own means that I can grade between sizes and eliminate the extra bulk – always a plus!  Especially after my Christmas excesses (although I have started my Couch to 5K programme ha! day 4 and going strong!!)

The pattern I used is Anima from Papercut Patterns.  The fabric I used for this first tester pair is some cheap jersey from Ebay and to be honest its a bit too thin but I like how they fit.  I made a mini pair for my son too with the same fabric but I was told no pics allowed of him!



I used some ribbon to stop the pockets from stretching out – I always cut off the ribbon loops you get in RTW tops and use those!  I made them on  my overlocker except the top stitching on the pockets.

For my next “proper” pair I will take in a bit more from the waist and use thicker sweatshirt fabric, this:


It’s a sweatshirt fabric with a ripped denim print on it, I did think about making a dress from it but decided that would be a bit too much but jogging bottoms will be great!


Nearly finished – just the waist band to attach!

Hope you all had a good Christmas and are brimming with sewing schemes and plans!


Belated Ginger Jeans

I lost my blogging mojo for a while, still did lots of sewing but no blogging and couldn’t get around to taking photos.

However, finally here are the Ginger Jeans I made – finished before summer and then it was too hot to wear them!

ginger back

It’s really hard to photograph dark denim but I did top stitch in a gold/yellow thread.  The construction was time consuming but actually, if you have limited time for sewing it is possible to do 10/15 minutes at a time.  There are so many pieces and stages to sew that I did the pockets one day, yoke the next etc and although they came together slowly, it wasn’t frustrating as I was able to finish each stage and stop.


Putting in the fly front was the trickiest part – as you can see my top stitching isn’t perfect but I doubt anyone will be studying my crotch area that closely!  The main thing is that it all lies flat.

The most frustrating part was getting the back pockets in the right place – when I had them where the pattern markings were, it made my bum look low and saggy!  I moved them up about 1.5″ and it looked so much better but it took about 4 goes of pinning in place, trying to look at my bum in the mirror and re-pinning!

jeans pockets

However, the Mr inspected my rear end and said they were probably the most flattering jeans I had ever worn – so worth the effort.

I made the high waist skinny version in a size 14 with a small wedge taken out of the back waist seam.  The front left leg inside seam very slightly turns towards the front and I have read other blogs that mention this but I think next time I will cut the denim in single layers as I think it is just that the fabric wasn’t completely on grain.  Also next time I will take a bit less of a curve out the crotch to eliminate “whiskers” but they are very minor and these are totally wearable jeans.  I overlocked the seams and if you want to know more about the creator of this great pattern – there is an article on Closet Case Files and the best jeans patterns currently available in this month’s issue of Love Sewing Magazine.

I will definitely be making these again and already have some denim picked out.  The denim I used for these is from Rolls and Rems on Seven Sisters Road.

ginger back2
Ginger Jeans with Plantain Tee

Sorry for the poor photos – I need to get my little assistant back on track.

I have also finished the Morgan Jeans by Closet Case Files and hopefully will get some photos taken soon.


Breaking New Year’s Resolutions?

At the start of 2016 I made a promise to myself that I would try and finish a sewing project before starting a new one, and I have stuck to it!  Until now …. I have been wrestling with very frustrated sewing plans!  First of all, I decided to make jeans … yes JEANS, not jeggings, not pull ups with an elasticated waist but proper JEANS!!!!  I saw the Ginger Jeans pattern ages ago and was in awe of all the fabulous creations people have blogged about but the thought of making jeans was just a step too far for me, like making my own bra or nickers, why would I?  However, I decided to challenge myself and give it a go!  And I was doing really well BUT … I ran out of top stitching thread!

jeans pockets

I am surprised how little thread is on a spool, after all, the manufacturers must be aware that people will need to rip out seams, especially when top stitching, but it seems there is just enough thread on a spool for 1 pair of jeans …  I did a proper fly front and top stitched the pockets etc.


I was quite impressed with myself, the Mr said “you’ve even done the thingy stitches” (bar tacks) and although not perfect, I am more than happy to wear them, when I get them finished!  I need to get some more thread but obviously it needs to be the same thread but I bought it in Sailsbury and I live in London …… I will figure it out.  Maybe send my Mum a bit of the thread (from a ripped out seam!) and get her to buy me another spool from the same shop.

Then I thought, “I love that Marilla Walker jumpsuit, I’ll make another one!”  I was inspired by this jumpsuit by Plumo.

I found some cheap fabric on Ebay and thought I would give it a try but to make it different I wanted to change the buttons at the front for an exposed chunky zip which I also bought on Ebay but the seller is away for 2 weeks so I’m waiting for the zip and can’t get any further along till it arrives, this is the fabric, not the same obviously but I like it.

cloud jump

So, that’s 2 projects I can’t get finished!  I have decided to make a quick, easy skirt whilst I’m waiting, another Marilla Walker pattern, the Ilsley skirt, it’s a free pattern you can download but she is raising money for a cancer charity so it would be good to make a donation, the link is on her blog.

skirt plan

Finally, I have a pattern, fabric, elastic so hopefully this will be a project I can finish!  The fabric looks denim but actually it is a chambray/viscose mix I got on Ebay and it is very soft with a lovely drape.  I notice there is a bit of “Style Arc” in the pattern but it’s from a piece of scrap paper I used to lengthen the skirt by 2″.  The Style Arc pattern I downloaded and pieced together is the Milla dress which I plan to make in a double knit cotton jersey with a white bodice and yellow bottom half.

Simple but stylish slip on dress


Anyway, that’s my progress, or lack of it.  I’m letting myself off the New Year’s Resolution rule as I am unable to finish the projects so starting another in the meantime doesn’t count, what do you think?!

Andy Pandy?


I absolutely love this jumpsuit!  It’s the pattern from Marilla Walker’s Roberts Collection.  The pattern collection is really great as it contains a dress (2 length options), Jumpsuit, Dungarees and top all for the price of one pattern – I bought the printed paper pattern and it was £8.40 on Etsy – bargain!  I will definitely be making the dungarees and dress, in fact I have just bought some Hugo Boss remnant linen on ebay to make the dress version!


Anyway, back to the jumpsuit.  (My son cut my head off!)  I used a lovely soft, light weight denim that I bought in Salisbury a month ago.  The sizing had me at a size 5 bust and size 4 waist and hip, as the pattern is designed to be slightly over-sized, I graded down to the size 4 at the waist and hip as I didn’t want it to be massively big.  It is a great fit and really comfortable and it has pockets – love POCKETS!!


I love the back view, I think that fact that the waist band doesn’t go round the back makes it much more flattering and I’m really pleased that my inverted V at the back meets almost perfectly!



It’s the first time I have done flat felled seams and I did that on ALL the freaking seams!!  It was worth it though as the top stitching sits better and has less bulk.  I love the buttons too …


The length is quite long but it means the hem can roll three times which allows the hem edge to be unseen – fussy I know but I like that detail!


I have worn this out to three different occasions since making it and have received lots of compliments so I think that makes it a winner!  I am wearing it now in our Spring weather with a long sleeved t-shirt and I will wear it through the summer without which makes it very practical.  It is my best make yet and I am so pleased with it – Marilla Walker is a great pattern designer!

P.S These opinions are my own and I have no affiliation with Marilla Walker, I just think she’s fab!

Bunting Extravaganza!

coloured bunting   My youngest son’s school is having its Summer Fete next week end and I have been busy making LOADS of bunting …  over 130 meters!  I hung some of it round the “my sewing room”/”the study” to see how the spacing between the flags was, looks ok to me. I used up a lot of my sewing scraps from over a very long period of time and it was interesting looking at the colours and what fabrics I have chosen to sew with over the years.  I think I have quite eclectic taste and use a bit of everything but it also seems I like a lot of red, orange, green and denim!  It quite surprised me to see those choices but it is true that they are probably my favourite colours/fabrics. denim bunting   And quite a bit of African print fabric too, a few with wacky designs like stilettos or handbags, (two other things I love, ha!), given to me by my fabulous friend Louise.  As I went through the pieces of fabric I could remember each garment I had made with it and it was a lovely trip down memory lane.  I found some fabric from a skirt I made for my honeymoon and some Mini Cooper print and horses print that I used to make pillow covers for each of my boys. They still both sleep with them every night …. ahhhh!   boxed bunting 2   Here it is all boxed and ready to go!  Back to “selfish sewing” hooray!

Lilac Misty Jeans! (Style Arc)

lilac misty Ok, so calling these “jeans” is a bit of a cheat.  Actually, they are another pair of Misty pull-on jeans from Style Arc, my new TNT (tried and tested) go to pattern for jeans.  I still want to make the Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Files but haven’t quite plucked up the courage to give it a go yet, and the Misty jeans are soooo comfortable and easy to make! The fabric I got from ebay and it is a stretch denim but a lighter summer weight and it is really soft and comfortable, I think there is still some left if you want to look! A rear view, always a good look ha!  I’m just pleased with my pocket placement so wanted to share that.lilac misty bum   And the waist band is elastic – not much to add as they are exactly the same as my previous Misty Jeans post, made in black denim but this time I did add 1 cm to the inside leg seam which took that out of the length of the crotch to waist and they fit me that bit better this time. lilac misty waist  I did the same full bum adjustment as for the black denim Misty Jeans I made, see earlier blog from May 2015.  I’m a RTW UK size 14 (I think that’s a USA 10), and I made the Misty in size 14. 

 I have been busy sewing summer dresses for my holidays so will be posting again soon!  Please leave a comment by clicking the “comments” box at the top, would love to hear from you ….