From Old to New!

My sewing has come to a juddering halt over the school holidays as I can’t cope with being constantly interrupted whilst trying to focus on making something!  (Although I have made a muslin of some trousers and have now improved the fit – I hope!  Will blog about it later).

On the first day back from holiday, I had three mountains of washing piled on the kitchen floor and no food in the fridge …. , so I made a necklace!

necklace start

The beads are Chinese glass beads, I think antique, that my father-in-law gave me.  He was an avid antique collector, although never spent a lot, (these beads were about 50p – £1 each).  He had them in a cabinet in a glass bowl and I happened to comment one day that they would make a nice necklace, so he generously gave them to me!

big bead

They are quite unusual and as they are glass, they cannot be touching each other as they will break easily.  I used some suede that I bought in Sweden and knotted each bead into place either side of it.  I left about a 1/2″ length between each bead.

bead detail


As you can see, most beads were in pairs and my FIL had labelled each pair saying where he bought them and how much he paid.  Sadly, I could not use all of them as the hole through the centre was too narrow.  I used a needle and thread at each end and threaded the beads on.

Threading necklace

I am quite pleased with how it turned out but I don’t think this is an every day necklace as I would be worried about knocking it and shattering the glass – maybe just for going out in the evening!finished necklace


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