Bunting Extravaganza!

coloured bunting   My youngest son’s school is having its Summer Fete next week end and I have been busy making LOADS of bunting …  over 130 meters!  I hung some of it round the “my sewing room”/”the study” to see how the spacing between the flags was, looks ok to me. I used up a lot of my sewing scraps from over a very long period of time and it was interesting looking at the colours and what fabrics I have chosen to sew with over the years.  I think I have quite eclectic taste and use a bit of everything but it also seems I like a lot of red, orange, green and denim!  It quite surprised me to see those choices but it is true that they are probably my favourite colours/fabrics. denim bunting   And quite a bit of African print fabric too, a few with wacky designs like stilettos or handbags, (two other things I love, ha!), given to me by my fabulous friend Louise.  As I went through the pieces of fabric I could remember each garment I had made with it and it was a lovely trip down memory lane.  I found some fabric from a skirt I made for my honeymoon and some Mini Cooper print and horses print that I used to make pillow covers for each of my boys. They still both sleep with them every night …. ahhhh!   boxed bunting 2   Here it is all boxed and ready to go!  Back to “selfish sewing” hooray!


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