What to Sew…?

shop fabric


What to sew next?  I was given this selection of fabric as a birthday present when I was at my parents’ house, it’s from Fabric Land in Sailsbury.

I used the blue and white stripe for my Aeolian dress, which I have yet to shorten (see previous blog).  I want to make a Scout Tee dress with the pink leopard print – I know NEON PINK LEOPARD PRINT!!  What was I thinking, my Mum looked at me sideways and said “What are you going to make with that?!”

I will use the green polka dot for some wide leg summer trousers, it is a poly cotton mix light suit weight and has some stretch, just trying to find the right pattern.  Maybe the Colette Juniper or the trousers from the Holly Jumpsuit By Hand London.

Image from Colette Patterns website

The plain blue fabric is a scuba stretch that I want to use to make the Morris Blazer from Grainline Studio.  Both sides of the fabric are the same and it doesn’t fray so I thought I would try making it without the front facing and just leaving a raw edge, we’ll see!

Morris Blazer
Image from Grainline Studio website

The white is for a Plantain Tee from Deer and Doe I think, not very exciting but it will get a lot of wear. It’s a FREE downloadable pattern and it fits through the shoulders and bust then widens out to an A-line, very flattering.

Shirt Plantain
Image from Deer and Doe Website

One thought on “What to Sew…?

  1. It is amazing how fast you can sew and for yourself… I would love to make some summer dresses for myself but I have no idea where to start: should I take my own measures? Should I use one of the dresses I own as a template to make another one? How do you do it?
    With all the great things you have been sewing you are going to have some fab holidays 😉
    By the way, not sure if you have ever gone to their website but I’ve already bought some fabric from them and I think they are great – http://www.stitchcraftcreate.co.uk – let me know what you think 🙂
    Sara @ http://www.cottoncandy-algodaodoce.com


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